Tigers Snail as Alternative Income | Keong Macan Jadi Tumpuan Pendapatan Nelayan Indonesia

Tigers Snail

Eng- Tigers snail or Babylonia Spirata is a popular commodity in international markets, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Initially, Indonesian fisherman did not consider tiger snail as an opportunity, but with the demand and interesting price, local fishermen today make it as an alternative income. Research and Development of Marine & Fisheries, Bogor stated that the ... Read More »

South Sulawesi To Be Pond Shrimp National RI | RI Jadikan Sulsel Sebagai Pusat Tambak Udang Nasional

national shrimp

  Eng- South Sulawesi is a center of national shrimp 2014 production. The statement is supported by the high level of demand for South Sulawesi shrimp to the International market. The Director General of the Ministry of Marine Aquaculture & Fisheries (MOMAF) Slamet Soebjakto states that, Indonesia should take this opportunity to develop bigger shrimp production. The government continues to ... Read More »

Efforts Jokowi & Jusuf Kalla in Developing National Fisheries | Upaya Jokowi & Jusuf Kalla Dalam Meningkatkan Perikanan Nasional

Mr Joko Widodo (Jokowi) & Mr Jusuf Kalla

Eng- President Jokowi Widodo and vice president Jusuf Kalla are focusing marine and fisheries industry development with four programs within the periode of 2015 -2025. The four programs are (1) The development of environmentally friendly marine economic sectors, (2) expanding the growth of ecosystem along the archipelagoinclude the small islands and borders (3) developing a maritime connectivity with the concept ... Read More »

Indonesian Fisheries Commodities To Achieve 171 Billion US | Potensi Perikanan Indonesia Meraup 171 Miliar AS


  Eng- The Indonesian marine and fisheries commodities reached $ 171 billion each year, state by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KPP). Minister of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Sharif Cicip Sutardjo. The value of the marine fisheries commodities represent $ 32 billion, the coastal region of $ 56 billion, $ 40 billion biotechnology, marine tours $ 2 billion, ... Read More »

Eel To Be A Mainstay In The Global Market | Ikan Sidat Peluang Ampuh Bagi Pasar Global


Eng- Eel is a special meal in developed countries such as China Japan, Korea, America, and even Europe. The Omega 3 contained in eel is indispensable to the development of intelligence, as well as proteins that can improve concentration, and human memory, thereby preventing premature senility. Most people in Indonesia do not know the clear efficacy of eels. But with ... Read More »

Sangkuriang Catfish Can Enter The International Market | Ikan Lele Sangkuriang Menembus Pasar Dunia


  Eng- Sangkuriang Catfish is the result of a cross between the female parent, with six male catfish tail, this type of catfish can be found in Sukabumi, and currently Sangkuriang catfish can become the object of international market sales. The main advantages of Catfish Sangkuriang is a faster growth rate than other types of catfish and catfish harvest Sangkuriang ... Read More »


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