Total Exports Snapper Fish Indramayu is Higher || Tingkat Expor Ikan Kakap Indramayu Kian Melambung


#179658495 / Eng- Demand  snapper fish  in most traditional markets Indramayu extremely high, but the price of each kilograms snapper  fish remained stable between Rp. 40.000, – until Rp. 60.000, - Japan and Korea are countries of export destination snapper fish red or white from Indramayu, and the selling price of each  worth Rp. 70.000, -/ kilogram. Nutritional quality ... Read More »

East Kalimantan to be export potential of frozen shrimp & crab || Udang Beku & Kepiting Jadi Potensi Ekspor Perikanan Kaltim


#78365813 / Eng- East Kalimantan has the potential for export of frozen shrimp with the level of demand or 14.6 million kg or worth 182.6 million USD.  Japan, UK, China, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium,Germany, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Denmark, United Arab Emirates and Korea is country distribution of this marine products. Department of Marine ... Read More »

The Level of Domestic Seafood exports To South Korea || Peningkatan Ekspor Hasil Laut Domestik Ke Korea Selatan

rumput laut

Eng- On May 21, 2012 ago in a business seminar with the theme “Market Opportunity of Indonesian Marine Products In Korea”, Minister of Commerce Yeosu, South Korea stated that the Indonesian seafood products favored by the business community of South Korea. South Korea was ranked as the country’s nine export of marine fisheries Indonesia, amounting to 2,386 tons, worth USD ... Read More »

Malaysia & Singapore hunters Indonesia Mussels Blood || Malaysia & Singapura Pemburu Kerang Darah

Kerang Darah

Eng- East Coast Jambi into a commodity-producing mussels blood for Malaysia and Singapore. The growth rate of export demand to make the fishermen to breed mussels blood, which is carried out by means of cultivation through fishery reserve zone. The reserve areas for the cultivation of shellfish fisheries blood is to maintain blood clams population from extinction. Clam fishery conservation ... Read More »

MadidirBitung Became The Center export of Skipjack Tuna || Kawasan Madidir Kota Bitung Jadi Skala Ekspor Ikan Cakalang


#135495541 / Eng- Skipjack Tuna is a commodity that comes from the waters of North Sulawesi (Manado). Normally skipjack is prepared with mixed chili sauce, or coconut milk, chilies, andsmoked to make Shredded Skipjack, Skipjack & Fufu. Bitung, Minahasa, Manado, Tomohon to become a marketing skipjack, whereas for canning business and processing skipjack with export quality standards are in ... Read More »


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