Sales levels Indonesian Marine Resources to Reach U.S. $ 1.2 Trillion || Komoditas Sumber Daya Laut Indonesia Dapat Meraih U.S.$ 1,2 Triliun


#141336914 / Eng- Minister Marine and Fisheries of Indonesian, Sharif Cicip Sutardjo, stating that Indonesia fisheries commodity export could reach U.S. $ 1.2 trillion each year, so the marine resources in Indonesia needs to be developed optimally. If the processed and development of Indonesia’s marine resources is done optimally, then the  fisheries commodity export sales are expected to reach ... Read More »

Feed & Fish Magazine will covered IISP2014 !

Feed & Fish Magazine

Shams is a monthly specialized agricultural magazine in the Middle East and North Africa since 1998. The scientific review of the published material is performed under the supervision of honorary consultancy council includes specialized professors & respectable group of businessmen and investors in the agricultural sector. It covers different aspects related to the agriculture fields like seeds, machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, ... Read More »

Lombok City as Central Producer of Lobster in Indonesia || Lombok Sebagai Pusat Penghasil Lobster Di Indonesia


#130903868 / Eng- Bumbang Gulf located in Central Lombok, Ekas Gulf in East Lombok, and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) considered as potential regions for high quality lobster producer in Indonesia. In a one year period the number of lobster export sales could reach USD. 55.35 billion, and generates 78.5 tons of lobster. While lobster seeds’ sales reach Rp. 16 ... Read More »

Shellfish Waste Into A product Specials In Banda Aceh || Limbah Kerang Jadi Produk Istimewa Di Banda Aceh


#483461579 / Eng- Some people argue that the shellfish waste is a product that has no use, whereas shellfish waste can be processed into a variety of hand-crafted products that have high value. Aceh people using waste shells to make a variety of antique products, such as decorative lighting lamps, plates, key chains, furniture, vases of flowers, and souvenirs. ... Read More »



  Jakarta, 17 Juli 2014. Sekretariat IISP2014 Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan bekerjasama dengan penyelenggara acara Indonesia Internasional Seafood and Processing Expo Yaitu Kerabat Dyan Utama (Radyatama) dan Global Sarana Convex telah melaksanakan kegiatan sosialisasi acara IISP2014 kepada asosiasi dan perusahaan bertempat di Restauran Horapa-Menteng dengan bahasan materi utamanya untuk mengadakan kegiatan yang bersifat Business to Business untuk memperkenalkan industri seafood ... Read More »

Every Year Total Export Crab In Indonesia Achieve 2.47 Trillion || Tingkat Ekspor Rajungan Indonesia Mencapai Rp 2.47 Triliun/Tahun


#180292902 / Eng- Currently crab (Portunus pelagicus) commodity ranked third, and fourth of the total export value of Indonesia’s marine resources after shrimp (46%), and tuna (14%). This statement is confirmed by the Executive Director Management Association of Indonesian Rajungan (APRI) Arie Prabawa stating that: total value of commodity exports crab fishery accounted for more than U.S. $ 260 ... Read More »

Indonesian Government Participation In The World Coral Reef Conservation Efforts|| Peran Serta Pemerintah Indonesia Dalam Upaya Pelestarian Terumbu Karang Dunia


#175578028 / Eng- In Coral Reef conservation efforts in the world, the Indonesian government held a large conference event World Coral Reef Conference (WCRC) is located in Manado, North Sulawesi. The event was held on December 14, until May 17, 2014, with backgrounds of growing concerns about the condition of coral reefs in the world are increasingly scarce. Some ... Read More »


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