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Incorporated in Singapore on 19 January 2006, Mandai Link Logistics Pte Ltd (MLL) was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of PIN Corporation, with the goal of providing world-class cold storage facilities to our customers. To that end, our 25,000 Metric Ton, Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), temperature-controlled warehouse was completed in 2009. Currently, it continues to stand as the ... Read More »

21 Cold Storages Provisions for Price Stability and Export | Upaya Pemerintah Dalam Menambah 21 Cold Storage


Eng- The government plans to add 21 cold storage and air blast freezer to support domestic fish supply until the end of 2014. During the 2012 – 2013, MOMAF already built 54 cold storages with a capacity of 31-1500 tons in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara, and Papua. The budget for the additional cold storages and freezers from ... Read More »

Muara Karang Entrepeneur Facing the Fuel Hike | Strategi Para Pengusaha Seafood Muara Karang Dalam Menaggulangi Kenaikan Solar


Eng- The rise of dollar is impacting the hike of fuel and affecting the domestic seafood businesses, particularly in the area of Muara Karang, Pluit, North Jakarta. The entrepreneurs of Muara Karang is obliged to find solutions such as  consuming less fuel or create new menus package with a special price for those who do business culinary seafood. In addition ... Read More »

Perikanan Nusantara Maximize Maluku Sea Resources | Perikanan Nusantara Optimalkan Sumber Daya Laut Maluku Utara


Eng- PT. Perikanan Nusantra will develop fisheries and marine resources of North Maluku province, as the region has such potential for fishery, expressed by the President Director of PT. Perikanan Nusantra,  Abdusalam, North Maluku on Saturday, August 30, 2014. The statement was delivered by Mr. Abdusalam during the cooperation agreement (MOU) between PT. Fisheries Archipelago with the Government of the ... Read More »

MOMAF Efforts Facing ASEAN Economy Community | Upaya KKP Dalam Menghadapi Perdagangan Pasar Bebas Asean


Eng- The Indonesian Ministry and of Marine Affairs (MOMAF) is preparing strategy to face the ASEAN free market. Slamet Soebjakto, Director General of Aquaculture Fisheries & Marine said that, to prepare for the 2015 ASEAN via certification and standardization as a guarantee of the quality. Mr Slamet also explain that the robust fisheries infrastructure will generate the synergy for other ... Read More »

Tigers Snail as Alternative Income | Keong Macan Jadi Tumpuan Pendapatan Nelayan Indonesia

Tigers Snail

Eng- Tigers snail or Babylonia Spirata is a popular commodity in international markets, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Initially, Indonesian fisherman did not consider tiger snail as an opportunity, but with the demand and interesting price, local fishermen today make it as an alternative income. Research and Development of Marine & Fisheries, Bogor stated that the ... Read More »


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